Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tally.ERP 9 - First Impressions

The new financial year has started and Tally has launched its ERP offering just in time. The new product launch was reason enough for increased customer interest and hence there were no special offers this March for product promotion.

My first impression of Tally.ERP has been positive. Users and administrators are going to like the Control Center and Support Center features. The flagship feature of Tally's ERP is the remote access feature, and businesses will realise the benefit of this feature down the line.

There are a few bottlenecks, though. Like the user getting the Unlock Key in mail after a long delay. With ERP, Tally has introduced a lot of new terminology, especially a lot of 'ID's, e.g your .NET ID, Site ID, Account ID and Account Admin ID. It will take some getting used to for normal users.

Quite a few existing Tally customizations have stopped working in ERP, and even after TCP conversion using the TallyAdmin tool, the TCP either gives load-time error or functional error.

We have migrated our existing TCPs to the ERP platform free of cost for most customers. TDL programmers will have a hectic schedule ahead, with fresh orders as well as migration of existing TDLs to the new platform. Moreover, they also have to get used to the powerful syntax and features of the enhanced TDL language.

A common concern among users interested in Tally customization is what will happen to the customized features when Tally brings a new release or version.

My answer is that in 90% of the new releases or versions, TDLs will run without needing any changes. In case of a major version release, there are chances that TDLs may not work correctly, as in the case of 7.2 to 9 conversion and 9.2 to 9.ERP conversion. However for all other releases in between, TDLs have continued to work smoothly.

Even when customized files do not work in the new version, it requires mostly a few adjustments as per the new language features / capabilities. For this, the user should not worry too much as the charges will be extremely nominal. And so far, we have done the TCP conversion free of cost for our users.

The road ahead for Tally.ERP is extremely bright and you can keep high expectations from the product in the coming months and years.

Company News: New customers added in Ahmedabad & Mathura. We have also started Tally product sales in Delhi (on-site installation service available, support through remote access).

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Vij said...

Do you recommend any third party remote access solution also to your customers? like Citrix or VPN?

Rajesh Khater | Tally.ERP 9 and SAP Business One Expert | TallyGuru | SAPBuff said...

We have heard that Webex is good and powerful. However, in terms of ease of use, I presonally prefer TeamViewer.

Vij said...

When I say 'Remote Access' I dont mean to say "access only for support" ... but if I have distributed users and they want to access Tally from anywhere, how can a corporate setup a system so that any authorizes person can use Tally.

I heard from some Tally implementation guys that Tally's built in remote access is only READ-ONLY.

That means my remote users can not work and edit in Tally but just "view".

Rajesh Khater | Tally.ERP 9 and SAP Business One Expert | TallyGuru | SAPBuff said...

Tally is coming up with Remote data editing capabilities in a future release. If you need this immediately, you can consult your hardware vendor how to configure Tally on the VPN.