Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Auditing Tools for Tally

Tally has launched the Auditors Edition of Tally, which will give easy access to auditors/chartered accountants to the data to be audited in Tally.

We also present our very own Auditing Tools for Tally. Its not a ready module as of now but a concept.

If you ever felt the need to enforce certain standards of data entry in Tally and wanted to identify the existing data which do not meet the requirements or the standards, the tool can help you locate such data with ease and help you correct them.

Some examples or features of Auditing Tools are:

1. Find all items in Tally data which have alternate units defined.
2. Find all items in Tally data which dont have alternate units defined.
3. Search all items which have a particular primary or alternate unit.
4. Report of all items with Batches set as "No"
5. Identify Purchase Vouchers without Purchase Order No.
6. Stock Items which dont have Part Nos.
7. Items which dont have pricelist defined for a particular date.
8. Employees who have attendance below some benchmark value.
9. Sales invoices with duplicate voucher numbers (if any), in case of manual numbering.
10. Sales invoices where the bill no. in billwise details is not the same as the Sales voucher no.
11. Filter only deleted/cancelled vouchers in the Tally Audit List.
12. Any invoices which have items with different rates of VAT or Excise Duty.
13. Any invoices in which credit was given for more than 15 days.
14. All invoices/vouchers saved or not saved with a Voucher Class.
15. Any invoices in which discount was given more than certain allowed value.

Any number of other useful auditing points can be incorporated in the tool.

The tool is useful for chartered accountants, auditors, companies wanting to enforce accounting standards in Tally. The tool is also useful for any kind of data correction / rectification exercise.

We welcome the suggestions of chartered accountants and auditors on how the auditing tool can be made more comprehensive.

You can mail me at mailto:rajesh_khater@yahoo.com?subject=Auditing