Thursday, November 1, 2007

Barcode Printing in Tally

I am updating this blog after a long time. The last few months were very hectic with good order inflow, and a lot of marketing activities. GoGold scheme was a big success and now we are trying to repeat the success in the Pragati scheme. We have now added quite a few big clients in our clientele-list.

I got my first order for Barcode sticker printing last month. I did some research and now I have developed a module which can print barcode stickers for all the items in an Invoice or Delivery Note, etc. One sticker will get printed for each unit of an item.

This is a huge convenience to barcode users, who can now get all barcode related stuff in Tally. By default, Tally can only map barcoded codes to item names or anything else. But there is no in-built facility to generate barcode stickers. This module is a demonstration of barcode-printing capabilities of Tally.

If you feel you can market this feature, do get in touch with me at

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Last Sold Item Rate in Tally

The PriceList feature in Tally is great for keeping track of your prices for each customer or group of customers.

However, there are businesses where the prices change frequently and it is not feasible to maintain a pricelist every time. Also, sometimes even though you maintain a pricelist, still you may need to change the price on a case-to-case basis for a particular party.

These are the situations where the "Last Sold Item Rate" module is useful.

With this module, Tally will automatically show the rate at which you sold the selected item to the selected party last time. No matter when the party last purchased this item from you - it could be yesterday or it could be a year ago, still the module will automatically fill the Rate column with the Last Sold rate. Of course, you can modify this rate for the current transaction.

If this sounds useful to you, send me a mail at for more details.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Tally 7.2 still available

For users who are still looking for Tally 7.2, there is good news, as some old stock is available here and there, including myself.

Tally 7.2 version is sufficient for people with simple accounting needs, but keep in mind that new updates are available only for version 9.

So who will buy 7.2 ? Users who already have 7.2 at one of their branches will need an identical version at other branches for data interoperability.

Also, there is a good price difference between versions 7.2 and 9, so price conscious users will find 7.2 sufficient for their simple accounting needs.

Drop me a mail at if you are looking to buy Tally 7.2 or Tally 9.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Easy PriceList module in Tally

Tally allows you to create pricelist of items for different parties. But this feature lacks an important navigation feature.

Tally forces you to select a stock group or All Items for which to create the pricelist. If each stock group has several hundred items, and you want to change or enter the price of a particular item, you have to scroll down the list one by one until you arrive at the right item.

Now this problem can be solved by customization. The customized PriceList module can add a button for searching for a particular item, and show only that item in the screen. After you are done with this item, save the PriceList and again choose a different item.

Note that this customization is useful only if you want to change / alter the price of specific items in a group. If you have to enter the prices of all the items in the group, then the default Tally PriceList feature will suffice for you.

For screenshots and business enquiries, pls. send me a mail at

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Automatic Bank Reconciliation module in Tally

Bank Reconciliation is an important, time-consuming activity for businesses with large volumes of cheque receipts and payments.

Until now, Tally users have to manually reconcile the bank a/c by looking up each and every cheque no. in the Bank's statement and then filling up the Bank Date column in Tally with the date in the Bank's statement.

This process can now be automated by the Automatic Bank Reconciliation module. All you need is to request your bank to give the statement in Excel format. Many banks already do this.

You can configure the Automatic Bank Reconciliation module to work with ANY bank's Excel statement.

What is more, this module can also indicate where the cheque no. matches but the amount does not match, indicating an error in data entry in Tally.

For screenshots and business enquiries, just drop me a mail with your contact details.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Voucher Type Security module in Tally

You can enhance your Tally experience by buying a few customized modules. One of the hot favourites with users is the Voucher Type Security module.

This module allows the administrator to configure which user can create / alter / view a particular type.

For example, using this feature, you can give create / alter rights to User1 for Purchase and Sales voucher type; and give only View rights to User2.

You can configure the rights for each and every voucher type, even user-defined voucher types !
For more queries, send a mail to:

Friday, April 20, 2007

Tally for Medicine Shops - Wholesellers & Retailers

Tally announced long ago that it is launching the Tally Chemist software for medicine wholesellers and retailers.

While it is still nowhere on the horizon, we have come up with a customization module to cover a small gap in Tally due to which medicine dealers are not able to use Tally.

Although Tally supports Batches, there is no facility to enter manufacturer name of a batch.

We have given this facility in our customized module, so that you can enter manufacturer name when you purchasing some medicine, and the same will get automatically carried when you prepare a Sales invoice for the same medicine and batch.

Other features of this module: separate field for medicine packing like 100 ml or 500 ml, so you can create 2 stock items with same medicine name but different packing. Display of MRP & Free Quantity in the printed invoice in separate columns (not separate lines).

If you are interested, drop me a mail with your contact details.

Golden Opportunity to Buy / Sell Tally

April 2007 - Tally has decided to increase the price of Tally 9 Single User and Multi user software.

Last time when Tally increased the price of Tally 7.2 as a marketing gimmick to hurry the sales of Tally, the increased price rise never came into effect and only served to push the undecided buyer into buying Tally immediately.

Because a lot of dealers were holding stocks, they continued to sell Tally at old prices only, offering "discounts" on the new revised MRP.

However, this time it is learnt that there is very limited stock of Tally 9 in the market, and the price rise will come into effect sooner than later.

Already the distributors have increased the prices by Rs. 1000 in some cases, and the prices are going to rise even more in the coming weeks.

So this is a golden opportunity to sell Tally, if you can pick whatever stock you can, at the old rates. Also, this is a golden (last) opportunity in a sense for the buyer, coz after that, for the forseeable future, Tally will come at a higher rate.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Excise on Opening stock in Tally 9 Release 1.1

Tally 9 is enabled with Excise for Dealers. However, there is one caveat.

There seems to be no straightforward option to enter the excise purchase details of opening stock.

Here is the workaround:

1. On 1st April, pass a Purchase invoice in Tally showing the full purchase as per the original bill. While entering Supplier's Bill No. and Date, enter the correct Date which can be back-dated.

2. Consolidate all the sales which you have made out of the items purchased, and pass a single Sales invoice on 1st April with Party Name as Cash.

3. The side-effect of 1 and 2 above will be that Sundry Creditors will increase and Cash will also increase. To counter that, pass a normal Debit note for the Sundry Creditor and Credit Note for Cash (dont use Invoice Mode, i.e. dont give Stock Item details).

4. Now when viewing the Purchase and Sales Register, the entries created in 1 and 2 above will need to be hidden using Alt-R.

Of course, this is a stop-gap solution until Tally comes up with a proper solution in a future release.

If you have any better approach, feel free to post here.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

About this Blog

Dear Reader,

This blog is an attempt to share my knowledge of Tally with you, and also present some case studies where we have successfully implemented Tally to meet complex accounting requirements.

Let me introduce myself. I am a freelancer in Bangalore, India specializing in Tally implementation and customization.

Other than Tally, I also undertake software development projects in Visual Basic, .NET and Excel programming.

Among others, I have ready products for Weigh Bridge Management, Courier Billing System, Photo Studio Billing System.

I will try to keep this blog updated about my Tally exploits and make it a forum for meaningful Tally interaction.

Yours sincerely,
Rajesh Khater.