Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Automatic Bank Reconciliation module in Tally

Bank Reconciliation is an important, time-consuming activity for businesses with large volumes of cheque receipts and payments.

Until now, Tally users have to manually reconcile the bank a/c by looking up each and every cheque no. in the Bank's statement and then filling up the Bank Date column in Tally with the date in the Bank's statement.

This process can now be automated by the Automatic Bank Reconciliation module. All you need is to request your bank to give the statement in Excel format. Many banks already do this.

You can configure the Automatic Bank Reconciliation module to work with ANY bank's Excel statement.

What is more, this module can also indicate where the cheque no. matches but the amount does not match, indicating an error in data entry in Tally.

For screenshots and business enquiries, just drop me a mail with your contact details.


Unknown said...


can u sendme a copy of it..the Demo Version . Alongwith Quote


Rajesh Khater | Tally.ERP 9 and SAP Business One Expert | TallyGuru | SAPBuff said...

I have sent u a mail with screenshots.

Anonymous said...

hello can you please send me the screenshots and the prices for the module at mkr2005@gmail.com
Mahendra Rana

Anonymous said...

please send me an email at ben@imageimpact.tv i'd great appreciate it. Maybe a screen shot and price estimate too. Thank you.

Unknown said...

i 2 have some tally customization files like Recycle bin & Address,
i want stock customization Report, invoice customization, bank reco with chq. no.,

in address customization i can't see Pan no., VAT/Sales tax No. Even if i have enter it into tally

Plz. send me some files

E-Mail : rinb1d@gmail.com

taxraj said...


can u sendme a copy of Automatic Bank Reco.the Demo Version . Alongwith Quote


Rajeev Khandelwal