Friday, June 8, 2007

Easy PriceList module in Tally

Tally allows you to create pricelist of items for different parties. But this feature lacks an important navigation feature.

Tally forces you to select a stock group or All Items for which to create the pricelist. If each stock group has several hundred items, and you want to change or enter the price of a particular item, you have to scroll down the list one by one until you arrive at the right item.

Now this problem can be solved by customization. The customized PriceList module can add a button for searching for a particular item, and show only that item in the screen. After you are done with this item, save the PriceList and again choose a different item.

Note that this customization is useful only if you want to change / alter the price of specific items in a group. If you have to enter the prices of all the items in the group, then the default Tally PriceList feature will suffice for you.

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