Saturday, January 12, 2008

Help on Tally is just a call away

We are now starting Tally support in Bangalore in a big way.

Although tally is a very robust software with few maintenance issues, customers do occasionally get stuck and need urgent help.

Accounts being a core business activity, help needs to be prompt and effective.

Customers sometimes need support on issues like:

1. Tally password recovery
2. Splitting of large company data
3. Synchronization of head office data with branch data
4. Usage of Group company feature for consolidation of individual companies' data
5. Internal error problem in Tally
6. License becoming educational after hard disk format/crash.
7. License expiry in Tally and Tally asking for license updation periodically.
8. Usage of specific Tally features like price inclusive of VAT; having fixed, pre-defined expense heads in Sales invoices; Security features of Tally; Excise for dealers; etc.

Now support is just a call away. Any time you need help on Tally, all you need to do is just pick the phone and call us. Expert help will reach you immediately.

Customers in other parts of India can also avail our services by making advance payment. We will solve your problem remotely.

You can get our contact info / phone nos. by sending a mail to