Friday, April 20, 2007

Golden Opportunity to Buy / Sell Tally

April 2007 - Tally has decided to increase the price of Tally 9 Single User and Multi user software.

Last time when Tally increased the price of Tally 7.2 as a marketing gimmick to hurry the sales of Tally, the increased price rise never came into effect and only served to push the undecided buyer into buying Tally immediately.

Because a lot of dealers were holding stocks, they continued to sell Tally at old prices only, offering "discounts" on the new revised MRP.

However, this time it is learnt that there is very limited stock of Tally 9 in the market, and the price rise will come into effect sooner than later.

Already the distributors have increased the prices by Rs. 1000 in some cases, and the prices are going to rise even more in the coming weeks.

So this is a golden opportunity to sell Tally, if you can pick whatever stock you can, at the old rates. Also, this is a golden (last) opportunity in a sense for the buyer, coz after that, for the forseeable future, Tally will come at a higher rate.

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