Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sales Data Analysis in Tally

The analysis of Sales figures is important for any business for a number of benefits:

1. It helps to identify the trends.
2. It pinpoints the most revenue generating products.
3. It highlights the top customers and their purchasing trends.
4. It helps the business in preparing for seasonal variations.

By customizing Tally, it is possible to generate a product-customer sales matrix report which can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

We recently developed a Sales Matrix report for one of our dealers in Nigeria. The report can be further customized as per the specific needs of individual business. We believe this report will be a valuable input for any MIS decision making.

We invite suggestions from readers for any other useful reports / features they can think of in Tally.

A few interesting enquiries came in the last week:

1. Removing all inventory details from a Tally company and converting it into an accounts-only company.

2. Removing all vouchers (accounts as well as inventory) from a Tally company and just maintaining a single day's account in Tally. The solution requires to maintain stock items in Tally and updating their stock on a daily basis. That is, there should be a tool that will read the Closing Stock for every stock item for the day, delete all the transactions data from Tally and make the Closing Balance as the Opening Balance for the next day.

Both the above requirements are possible by developing add-on tools for Tally. Let us see if these enquiries convert into orders for me :) !!

Company News: In the last few weeks, we have added new customers in Jalna (Maharashtra) and Kanpur, along with a lot of new customers in cities where we already have customer base: Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore. With this, our customer/dealer base has grown to 15 cities in India and 23 cities worldwide.

Wishing all the Tally users and readers of this blog a very Happy New Year in advance !

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