Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Multiple level of compound units in Tally

I will like to post the solution for a question I received from one of my blog readers Mr. Kishan in Kolkata.

Mr. Kishan is into a business where he needs to maintain the stock in gross, dozens and pcs. While purchasing / selling, he wanted the facility to enter the quantity as no. of gross, no. of dozens and no. of pcs.

He approached us for Tally customization. We suggested a solution that takes care of this requirement in default Tally itself without any customization.

The solution uses multiple level of compound units in Tally. You can create 3 simple units, one each for pcs, dozen and gross in Tally. Then create the 1st compound unit: "dozen of 12 pcs". Now you can create another compound unit using the first compound unit as the base. Create a compound unit called "gross of dozen of 12 pcs".

Using this approach, you can enter the quantity as follows:

1. 2-10-5 which means 2 gross, 10 dozens and 5 pieces,
2. 0-5-11 which means 0 gross, 5 dozens and 11 pieces,
3. 0-0-9 which means 0 gross, 0 dozen and 9 pieces.

This solution uses one little known feature of Tally: chaining of compound units.

Hope other readers also find this solution useful.

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Happy Tally-ing !

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