Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Installment / EMI module in Tally

We developed this Tally add-on product for a customer in Indore who is into financing business. This module is useful for construction companies, financing businesses, and other businesses where monthly EMIs or installments need to be received from the customer.

The module facilitates capturing of individual EMI due dates. It takes user input for total amount, no. of installments, per EMI amount, first due date and second due date. Accordingly, bill-wise references are automatically created for each EMI due date. The first and second due dates are as per user input. Subsequent due dates increase monthly based on the second due date.

The bill-wise references use the Voucher no. as the basic bill-wise reference and sequentially add /1, /2 for each EMI. If the no. of installments is high, this module is a big time saver.

This module can be further customized to generate specific MIS reports.

Company News: New customers added in Indore.

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