Monday, March 3, 2008

Amazing Possibilities in Tally Synchronization

Synchronization in Tally is a huge convenience feature for multi-location businesses. Synchronization allows to not only view remote location data, but also make any changes to it. Synchronization will ensure up-to-date identical copies of data at any number of locations.

What does Synchronization do ?
1. It pulls all newly entered / altered transactions from the remote Tally data.
2. It pushes all newly entered / altered transactions to the remote Tally data.

Essentially, the data at both the ends will become identical after the synchronization process.

Further, through customization, you can control the synchronization process to synchronize data selectively as per your requirements.

Synchronization and a little bit of customization can open up amazing possibilities in Tally, like:
1. Uploading sales transactions from sales outlet to the HO.
2. Converting Purchase Order of 1 company to Sales Order of another company.
3. Pushing a centrally decided PriceList to all branch locations, etc.

It can help you:
1. to exercise greater control over Tally data.
2. supervise and audit / correct Tally data from a remote location.

We can now setup synchronization between any locations anywhere in India or abroad, using remote access technologies.

If you have any queries on the possibilities in Tally synchronization, do mail us at


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MJ said...

I am a trader in the stock market. I have all my contract notes in Excel. How can I get all this data into Tally? Can you help me with it? Please send me an email at I'll send you sample contract notes in Excel so you'll know what I need.



Himanshu said...

pls tell me how to insert image jpg/bmp file in tally tdl

if possible give me command help ?


Rajesh Khater | Tally.ERP 9 and SAP Business One Expert | TallyGuru | SAPBuff said...

All our services are paid services. You can kindly contact me at +919986057953.

Unknown said...

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